Baby with the Bathwater

BABY WITH THE BATHWATER FLYERWritten by Christopher Durang

Performed in August/September 2001

Helen and John have a new baby, named Daisy, but are completely out of their depth when it comes to parenting!   Into the equation comes Nanny, whose child-caring techniques leave a lot to be desired…

Travelling through the first 30 tumultuous years of Daisy’s life, from the seventies to 2001, Baby with the Bathwater blends serious issues with serious belly-laughs!


Christopher Durang is the author of Beyond Therapy which TheatreFusion presented with great success at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2000, as well as touring in the West of Scotland.

Durang is perhaps best known for his combination of absurdism, wacky comedy and satirical comment on society and the way we live our lives, and Baby with the Bathwater is no exception.


  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2001, Rocket Venue 123, Mon 20th  – Sat 25 August
  • The Cottier Theatre, Hyndland Street, Glasgow, Fri 31st August – Sat 1st September
  • East Kilbride Arts Centre, Old Coach Road, East Kilbride, Thurs 6th – Fri 7th September


Writer  Christopher Durang  |  Director  Thomas Gemmell (assisted by Abigail Gemmell)  |  Lighting  Bruce Downie  Sound  Alan Dempster  Programme  Thomas Gemmell  Poster/Artwork  Irwin Stuart Design

Helen  Abigail Gemmell  John  Donald Munro  |  Nanny, Kate, Mrs Willoughby  Deborah Cannon-Carmichael  Cynthia, Angela, Miss Pringle, Susan  Dawn Bunce  Young Man  Thomas Gemmell


Audience : I laughed so much I thought I’d have a heart attack…

East Kilbride News : A satirical if not dated look at the sins that parents visit upon their children and the repercussions that it has on the developing child were explored in surreal and humorous fashion…. Thomas Gemmell’s appearance in act two as the grown up Daisy brought…integrity and energy… Fusion’s production of Durang’s play was a quirky take on a well-covered subject…


Interval music provided by Geoff Martyn.