Blue Remembered Hills


Performed in June/November 2001

Set in the summer of 1943, Potter’s tale follows a group of seven year old boys and girls as they play in the fields and woods of the countryside, far from the troubles in the city.

But when the peacefulness of their world is disrupted, nothing will ever be the same for them again…


TheatreFusion presented this new production of Dennis Potter’s Blue Remembered Hills, on the seventh anniversary of his death.

The popularity of the production led to the tour extension in November.


Blue Remembered Hills is Dennis Potter’s acclaimed story of a group of seven year-old children living in the countryside during 1943. The children play games in the woods, exploring their friendships and loyalties far from the Blitz raging in the city. But this seeming innocence is lost during a single tragic event that will live with them forever.

TheatreFusion cast adults as the children, in keeping with Potter’s original intentions.


Potter’s play was originally based in the West Country, in the Forest of Dean , where he himself grew up. For this production, TheatreFusion relocated the play to Scotland , for Potter’s themes were about childhood and not just children in the West Country.

One of the major incidents in the play concerns a prisoner-of-war camp near the woods where the children play. There were more than 150 official prisoner of war camps in the UK during World War II, and several based in the West of Scotland.

The play was directed by Alasdair Hawthorn, and the cast included Donald Munro, Jack Hodes, Alan Bryant, Graeme Kerr, Thomas Gemmell, Linda Cameron, Elle Sievwright and Peter Lamb.


  • Cumbernauld Theatre, 8th -9th June @ 7.45pm, 01236 732887
  • Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine, 16th June @ 7.45pm, 01294 271419
  • The Tramway, Glasgow, 20th -23rd June @ 8.00pm, 0141 287 5511
  • East Kilbride Arts Centre, 27th – 29th June @ 8.00pm, 01355 261000, MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling, 30 June @ 7.45pm, 01786 467155
  • Eastfield Community Centre, Thursday 8th November @ 7.30pm
  • Paisley Arts Centre, Tuesday 20 November @ 7.30pm, 0141 887 1010
  • The Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, Friday 23rd November @ 7.30pm, Bellshill Cultural Centre, Saturday 24 November @ 7.30pm, 01698 267515


Writer  Dennis Potter  |  Director  Alasdair Hawthorne  Lighting  Bruce Downie  |  Sound  Alan Dempster  |  Programme  Thomas Gemmell  |  Poster/Artwork   Irwin Stuart Design

Willie  Jack Hodes  Peter  Donald Munro  John  Alan Bryant  Raymond  Thomas Gemmell  |  Angela  Linda Cameron  |  Audrey  Elle Seivwright  |  Donald  Graeme Kerr / Peter Lamb


Angela  Abigail Gemmell


The Mail on Sunday – June 10, 2001 :
“…The seven-strong cast was uniformly excellent in putting over the ticks and concerns of the seven-year-olds… Potter brilliantly captured the fear of being rejected by the group, the strict hierarchies worked out by the children, and the allegiances that change as often as the British weather. The cast, sharply directed by Alasdair Hawthorn, played up to this with delightful aplomb, making one laugh with them and fear for them in equal measure…” – June 21, 2001
“… good physical acting well directed”

The List – June 21, 2001
“… an absolutely riveting portrait of the highs and lows of childhood… the performances are an exquisite demonstration of Fusion’s ability…”

Audience :
Production was excellent, a very professional and polished piece of theatre …
No words needed, it was excellent!