CAESAR FLYERWritten by Thomas Gemmell, adapted from Shakespeare

World Premiere September 1999


World Premiere

In September 1999, TheatreFusion presented this new multimedia adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic play.

Set during a modern-day presidential re-election campaign, the production used images and sound to create a world where spin-doctors and media manipulation are at the heart of the political intrigue, and where a high-powered rifle is much more effective than a knife in the back.


CAESAR premiered on 23rd September 1999, 400 years after Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Julius Caesar was first performed.

Caesar updated the play to a modern American setting, and included scenes on film, alongside traditional US marching music and rock music.


TheatreFusion’s adaptation of CAESAR was presented by Bathgate Repertory Theatre in 2012.

Students at Bannerman High School, Glasgow, presented the play in 2011.

Acting students at the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies in March 2008 and March 2005 .   Review of GCNS 2008 production: click here.

This adaptation received it’s US Premiere in New Jersey in October 2004. Visit:  The director of the US production comments “a big hit all round … a great high school production in print … a great adaptation”


  • The Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, 22nd September – 1st October @8pm


Adaptation and Direction  Thomas Gemmell  Lighting  Alan Dempster  |  Photography  Henrriikka Clarkeburn  Programme  Thomas Gemmell  |  Poster/Artwork  Irwin Stuart Design

Decius  Alan Bryant  |  Artemidorus  Deborah Cannon-Carmichael  Brutus  Charles Donnelly  Lucilius  Bruce Downie  Calpurnia  Abigail Gemmell  |  Cinna  John Gilmour  |  Metellus  Marc MacGregor  |  Cassius  Karen MacLeod  Caesar  Shaun McLaren  |  Portia  Georgette Ratcliffe  |  Mark Antony  Richard Wright


The Herald : Thomas Gemmell’s adaptation is bold and ambitious…   dropping text in favour of sound and video montage compliments an adaptation which sees media manipulation and spin-doctoring at the heart of the murderous political intrigue…   Shaun McLaren’s Caesar is suitably Clintonesque – decent, though flawed… A production full of clever ideas…

Audience :

A bold, brave, innovative production…   

The scenes on video worked nicely, conveying important off-stage scenarios and added to the JFK style atmosphere…   

As a teacher, I feel Shakespeare is great… liked the modernisation of it…   

Brought out the political intrigue really clearly to me for the first time…



If you are interesting in obtaining a copy of the script for your company or school, or wish to perform your own production of this adaptation, simply email