Written by Stephen Belber

Scottish Premiere September 2005/2006Tape

Stephen Belber’s play is a tightly scripted drama about friendship, memory, and the trauma of trying to get on with life.

In a hotel room in Michigan, Vin downs beers, working himself up into a state before the arrival of Jon, his old friend from high school.  Unlike his friend, Jon is doing well for himself, an up and coming film director.  But this is no simple reunion.  Vin wants to open some old wounds before the night is over.  Then Amy arrives…


Belber’s use of language – which has drawn comparisons to Mamet and Pinter – conceals the character’s true emotions,  generates intense menace and cranks up tension to a stunning conclusion.

TAPE, which was filmed by Richard Linklater in 2001, with Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard and Uma Thurman, is now presented in Scotland, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time.

Please note that this play contains some strong language and frank discussion of adult issues.


  • East Kilbride Arts Centre, Old Coach Road, East Kilbride, Friday 31 Mar at 8pm, £8/6, 01355 261000
  • The Ramshorn Theatre, Ingram Street, Glasgow, Sat 1 April at 7.30pm, £8/5, 0141 552 3489
  • Carlops Village Hall, Near Penicuik, Sat 8 April at 7.30pm, £7/5, 01968 660388
  • Cumbernauld Theatre, Kildrum, Cumbernauld, Sat 15 April at 8pm, £8/5, 01236 732887


  • C Central, (Venue 54) The Carlton Hotel, North Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1SD, 5 – 13th Aug 2005
  • East Kilbride Arts Centre, Old Coach Road, East Kilbride, Thu 22 Sep 2005 at 8pm.


Writer  Stephen Belber  Director  Deborah Carmichael

Vin  Bob Young  |  Jon  Thomas Gemmell  |  Amy  Abigail Gemmell

Crew  Colin Little, Lisa Queen, James Lismore, Melanie Rodwell, Louise Young

Special Thanks  James Carmichael, David Hardy


“Highly recommended…”  East Kilbride Audience
“A high quality production because of the acting talent…”  Ramshorn Theatre Audience

We all have dark secrets, right? Three friends come together after 10 years apart and shocking truths are uncovered in a production that is entertaining…. Bob Young makes a decent Vin, and his on-stage chemistry with Thomas Gemmell (Jon) is perhaps the best thing about this production. They are a delight to watch and create a tense atmosphere … It is an interesting script by Stephen Belber, which could have Mamet fans licking their lips. It asks makes us question what the nicest and most normal of people may be keeping concealed, and that is a scary thought. What are you hiding?
threeweeks rating: 3/5


“…TAPE is terrific…Belber has expert fun torturing his characters with the things that never get said, yet the language is uniquely telling and the underlying grief shines through.”  The New Yorker

“Fascinating and entertaining…a terrific play…Real talk, real characters, real situations—a real play.”   NY Post

“…when it comes to reminding us just why we leave our homes on a cold winter’s night and seek the special joys of a live theatrical performance, playwright Stephen Belber has the big guys beat…”
Wall Street Journal.