The Whitechapel Murders

Written by Thomas Gemmell

THE WHITECHAPEL MURDERSWorld Premiere during Glasgow’s Merchant City Festival 2006/2007

A unique production in a unique venue: Glasgow’s Britannia Panopticon Music Hall – Scotland’s oldest surviving music hall.

The Whitechapel Murders is a powerful new theatrical event from TheatreFusion.

Striking monologues from each of the victims and the policeman in charge of the case help humanise the mystery of the Whitechapel Murders, while strong ensemble work creates an exciting docu-drama which takes the audience back in time to the dimly lit London streets.

Due to the subject matter, we suggest that The Whitechapel Murders would not be suitable for children under 14 years.


BRITANNIA PANOPTICON MUSIC HALL, Thursday 20th September – Saturday 22nd September 2007
7.30pm with Saturday Matinee at 2pm.

CARLOPS VILLAGE THEATRE, Saturday 6th October at 8pm
Tickets: £8/£6 (under 16s) from Les Morss 01968 660388/Ann Smith 01968 660727 or visit

CREDITS (2007)

Writer  Thomas Gemmell  |  Director  Marion C Sheridan  Composer  Mark Sheridan  Cello  Sally Russell

Polly  Clare Hume  |  Annie  Karen McConnell  Liz  Deborah Carmichael  |  Catherine  Jane Dunbar  |  Mary  Abigail Gemmell  |  Abberline  Jack Hodes  |  Man  George Docherty

CREDITS (2006)

Polly  Ann Mathieson  |  Annie  Helen Lamarra

ASMs  Lorraine Dolton, Scott Kyle

“The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack”, from the play, has been performed many times by Jane Dunbar, who appeared as Catherine Eddowes in the premiere production.


“A hit… despite its dark subject matter the play is a pleasant mix of the grim and humorous. Well written, with good use of both live musical accompaniment (piano and cello) and projected images… good performances with some nice well directed set pieces… with no gruesome makeup effects or stage blood this won’t turn your stomach, but will stimulate your brain”

“The production was simply wonderful, the cast were outstanding – please, can we have more!!”
N Taylor

“Every aspect, especially the strength of the cast was superb… I do hope this version plays again – I understand there are other tiny Victorian venues all over the UK… Don’t let this production be lost – it should run and run.”
S Wilson

“Very professional, donation certainly value for money”
D McFadyen

“Atmosphere stimulating… it takes a lot to beat live theatre, I wish you every success in future productions”
E Blake

“Excellent performances by all actors”
K Main

“We’d definitely recommend to friends/family… We’d like to thank the whole company for an excellent evening, including the musicians who added to the piece.  We hope that you’re able to take this to a wider audience … it was lovely to see life being brought back into the building.  The setting definitely added to the atmosphere”
D Graham

“It was my first time attending a play in this theatre and I was very impressed with the production which I highly recommend. The programme was good, the story was well told with help of visual information. I think the atmosphere of the theatre added to the drama. Because of the seating arrangements and size of the venue the audience were totally absorbed in the story telling and the actors conveyed the helplessness of the characters which left the audience sympathetic to their plight. I normally attend comedy and variety theatre productions at the Kings but will definitely visit this theatre again”
C Wright

“The acting was fantastic”
A White

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the production of The Whitechapel Murders, the beautiful setting, the superb cast … I loved the old fashioned style sweets and lemonade – a really nice touch”
V Clark


Polly Nichols Monologue Poster