The Herald (on Closer)
Scalpel-precise production from TheatreFusion, which would put many main stage efforts to shame… This is a major play in a very special, up-close and personal production… Make a date to see Closer immediately.

Scotland on Sunday (on Closer)
TheatreFusion’s accomplished new touring production… treads between the lightly comic and the deeply emotive…these first Scottish performances of Closer still present us with a fine insight into a play which excavates the humour, pleasure and tragedy of sexual and emotional relations without a hint of misanthropic cynicism

The Scotsman (on Closer)  stark, clear and beautifully disciplined production

Cumbernauld News (on Twelve Angry Men)
The acting is first-rate, and at times, almost breathtaking… It’s a testimony to the quality of the acting that I began to imagine I could feel the sweltering heat of a summer’s day… A wonderful effect at the beginning saw the lights of a passing train float across the floor to the accompaniment of sound effects – a very effective way of drawing the audience in… real quality… a great production.

The List (on Haunted) genuinely chilling… all performances are strong and accomplished

The Mail on Sunday (on Blue Remembered Hills) ..The seven-strong cast was uniformly excellent in putting over the ticks and concerns of the seven-year-olds…

edinburghguide.com (on Blue Remembered Hills) good physical acting, well directed

Scotsman (on Blood Relations)
Beth Marshall turns in a commanding, haunting, infinitely watchable performance… strong support from Deborah Cannon-Carmichael… (Joyce MacMillan)

The Herald (on Caesar) Thomas Gemmell’s adaptation is bold and ambitious… dropping text in favour of sound and video montage compliments an adaptation which sees media manipulation and spin-doctoring at the heart of the murderous political intrigue… Shaun McLaren’s Caesar is suitably Clintonesque – decent, though flawed… A production full of clever ideas…

Evening Times (on The Shawl / In Camera)
Deborah Cannon-Carmichael stands out as hard-headed Inez… strong performances in particular from Charles Donnelly as the jumpy psychic and Amanda Harvey as the sceptical client… both of these clever and rather unsettling tales are well-played, and leave you with plenty to think about after it’s all over.

The List (on Blue Remembered Hills)
… an absolutely riveting portrait of the highs and lows of childhood… the performances are an exquisite demonstration of Fusion’s ability…

Scotland on Sunday (on Glengarry Glen Ross) Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross won him a Pulitzer Prize in 1984, and Theatre Fusion’s accomplished presentation leaves us in little doubt as to why.…

Douglas Brice’s simple, tightly faithful production focuses on the play’s potent mixture of greed, claustrophobia and humiliation. Alan Bryant’s lewd, avaricious Richard Roma and Ian Aldred’s growlingly desperate Shelly Levene are outstanding.

Metro (on Glengarry Glen Ross)
TheatreFusion’s actors grip Mamet’s tight and territorial dialogue by the throat and deliver solid, believable performances…

Ian Aldred as the ageing, desperate Shelly Levene… Alan Bryant’s fine work as the amoral and testosterone-poisoned Richard Roma; Jack Hodes’ hilarious turn as the nervy Aaronow and Mark Coleman’s cynical Moss losing the plot and his dignity.

Director Douglas Brice takes no liberties… and manages to deliver a fast-moving and very enjoyable production.

East Kilbride News (on Baby with the Bathwater)
A satirical if not dated look at the sins that parents visit upon their children and the repercussions that it has on the developing child were explored in surreal and humorous fashion….

Thomas Gemmell’s appearance in act two as the grown up Daisy brought integrity and energy… Fusion’s production of Durang’s play was a quirky take on a well-covered subject…

The Stage (on Beyond Therapy)
…there is a lot to like in John Gilmour’s edgy performance as petulant boyfriend Bob, and Thomas Gemmell’s work as soft-spoken, conflicted Bruce.

It is also a treat to see Abigail Gemmell play Prudence as a woman who, even when pushed, cannot bring herself to relish taking control of her own life…

design and costumes work very well – and the music and lighting are spot on…

The Herald (on The Shawl/In Camera)
an adventurous coupling that works… Tony Close, Deborah Cannon-Carmichael, and Abigail Gemmell are the three sinners in the Sartre. It is an enjoyably gruesome realisation (though not for them) that the torturers will, in fact, be themselves, being themselves.

Charles Donnelly (gives) a convincing performance that conveys just the right amount of pathos and ambiguity




The Whitechapel Murders

The production was simply wonderful, the cast were outstanding – please, can we have more!

Every aspect, especially the strength of the cast was superb… I do hope this version plays again – I understand there are other tiny Victorian venues all over the UK… Don’t let this production be lost – it should run and run.

We’d definitely recommend to friends/family… We’d like to thank the whole company for an excellent evening, including the musicians who added to the piece.

The acting was fantastic…

The Gunpowder Plot
Strong performances… clever script.. continually wrong footed me.. highly recommended…

Highly Recommended

The Eight : Reindeer Monologues
A good show, mixing comedy and serious issues – will definitely recommend it…  The individual performances were delivered with great strength and character…  We were impressed by the way serious issues were delivered with humour to allow you to consider them fully without getting thoroughly depressed… A great pleasure.

The Night Before Christmas
Very impressed…  A funny, professional show…  A great alternative to the panto!  Good acting…  Very funny…  Highly recommended…  A very clever play…  Will recommend to my friends…  I don’t go to theatre often, but this was quite an experience!

An excellent, powerful play which has been very well produced and performed.  Mark Coleman is particularly impressive.

Brilliantly written, well staged…  An excellent play very well performed.

Twelve Angry Men
Really impressive… brilliant… your most impressive production so far…  Humour, drama, good story and first class acting, all in one show.

Very very professional.
Very atmospheric and well acted… Captivating.

Blue Remembered Hills
The production was excellent, a very professional and polished piece of theatre…  No words needed, it was excellent!

Baby with the Bathwater
Laughed so much I thought I’d have a heart attack!

The Office Party
Well directed and acted.
Entertaining and funny… excellent performances.

Bold, brave, innovative production… the scenes on video worked nicely, conveying important off-stage scenarios and added to the JFK style atmosphere.

As a teacher, I feel Shakespeare is great… liked the modernisation of it.

Brought out the political intrigue really clearly to me for the first time.

Blood Relations
Excellent production which held the audience riveted throughout…  Production was wonderful, choice of play intriguing…  Very powerful acting, very gripping.

Beyond Therapy
I have never laughed so much in a long time and am glad that I went on the opening night as it will give me the chance to see it again. Unusual/controversial subject in humorous play. Situations we could all get ourselves into… Yikes – could Prudence really be me?

The Shawl / In Camera
The choice of plays was excellent.. the performances of Deborah Cannon-Carmichael and Abigail Gemmell were rivetting…  Charles Donnelly’s dynamic performance in The Shawl kept you on the edge…  Meaty, stimulating plays with good production and strong cast.