HAUNTED FLYER Written by Edgar Allen Poe, Peter Lamb, John Pielmeier, Thomas Gemmell and Richard Wright

Premiere in November 2001

Set in a mysterious parlour, a group of masked and cloaked strangers gather to tell ghostly tales for Halloween. A newcomer in their midst watches their performances, before stepping forward to tell a story of his own…

In October 2001, TheatreFusion presented a new show for the Halloween season.  HAUNTED, tales to chill the blood included:

The Societe de Carnivale : Join a secret society for the evening. Soak in the atmosphere and leave your problems behind…

The Tell Tale Heart : Edgar Allan Poe’s absorbing study of insanity as a murderer explains why he killed his master…

A Ghost Story : John Pielmeier tale of three hitchhikers stranded in a woodland cabin where something wicked lies in wait…

Berenice : Poe’s unsettling tale of obsession, premiered in a new adaptation by Scottish writer Peter Lamb…

Haunter : A new story by acclaimed horror writer, Richard Wright, also receiving it’s premiere.


  • Paisley Arts Centre, 26th October at 7.30pm, 0141 887 1010
  • Cumbernauld Theatre, 27th October at 7.45pm, 01236 732887
  • Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine, 30th October at 7.45pm, 01294 274059
  • Bellshill Cultural Centre, 31st October at 7.30pm, 01698 267515
  • Springhall Community Centre, 4th November at 7.30pm, 0141 634 9249
  • East Kilbride Arts Centre, 1st November at 8.00pm, 01355 261000
  • Arts Guild Theatre, Greenock, 2nd November at 7.30pm, 01475 723038
  • Fernhill Pavilion, 6th November at 7.30pm, 0141 634 3158
  • Westburn Community Hall, 7th November at 7.30pm, 0141 641 7667
  • The Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, 9 – 10 November at 7.30pm


The Tell Tale Heart
Written by  Edgar Allan Poe  Directed by Georgette Ratcliffe  |  Performed by Richard Wright

A Ghost Story
Written by  John Pielmeier  Directed by Deborah Cannon-Carmichael  |  Performed by Alan Bryant, Thomas Gemmell & Abigail Gemmell

Written by  Peter Lamb, based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe  |  Directed by Peter Lamb  |  Performed by George Docherty, Daniel Oliveira & Dawn Bunce

Written by  Richard Wright  Directed by Ian McAleese  |  Performed by Graeme Kerr

The Societe de Carnivale
Written by  Peter Lamb and Thomas Gemmell  |  Directed by Ian McAleese  |  Performed by Francis Hagan & the company.

Original music
Composer  Dave Simpson  |  Violin   Pauline McMullen  |  Cello  Ricardo Lorenzo


The List:
All performances are strong and accomplished… the play written by Richard Wright really catches the spirit of modern horror… Graeme Kerr’s genuinely chilling solo performance… .

Absolutely excellent…

Tremendous acting throughout, captivating stuff…

Really good, very powerful… top notch performances.


TheatreFusion is proud to present a totally new production for the Halloween season.

Set in a mysterious parlour where masked and cloaked strangers meet to tell tales, HAUNTED marks a series of “firsts” for TheatreFusion, and for Scotland.

Scottish playwright Peter Lamb and internationally acclaimed Glasgow-based horror writer Richard Wright have written new plays especially for this exciting presentation.

Thomas Gemmell, from TheatreFusion, explains:

“Horror is not simply the gore and violence of the average slasher film, and with HAUNTED TheatreFusion are exploring different ways of presenting horror to a modern-day audience. Gothic, Grand Guignol and Contemporary styles are used to present a series of suspenseful and shocking tales!

“We want to illustrate that individuals can be haunted by many things: memories, regrets, missed opportunities, mistakes, and of course ghosts! HAUNTED explores them all in a fresh exciting format.

“We have brought together four directors, a diverse cast, works by great American authors and brand new writing for this world premiere production, and are proud to be touring to TEN venues in West and Central Scotland.”

TheatreFusion have always aimed to provide a variety of plays to Scottish audiences, and HAUNTED marks our first production to support new writing in Scotland.

HAUNTED offers a very different night at the theatre, and some delicious chills for the witching season!